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Accounting Services

  • Current Accounting Service /subscription principle/

    - organizing the form of book-keeping
    - forming the principles of the individual accounting policy
    - forming the methods of the document turnover and the accounting service
    - making individual charts of accounts
    - working out depreciation plans and monthly depreciation charging
    - monthly debt-and-credit documentation handling and accounting
    - drawing up pay-roll-sheets and monthly salaries/wages and fees charging
    - monthly insurance costs charging and submission of income tax returns to the National Social Security Institute
    - charging of the due advance instalments of taxes to the budget and municipality
    - working out and submission of purchases and sales books in the Value Added Tax Act /VAT/ and income tax returns in VAT to the rating authorities
    - drawing up and submission of the required bank documents
    - monthly balance strike, preparation of the turnover register, debit-and-credit account, balance-sheet, leader, chronological inventory, accounts check ups

  • Annual Balance Strike

    - revaluation of the assets, liabilities and calculations
    - making inventories
    - drawing up of balance-sheets, profit-and-loss accounts, cash flow and owner’s capital information’s
    - certification of the accounts by a chartered accountant (when required by the law)
    - annual statistical forms preparation and submission to the National Social Security Institute
    - drawing up of certificates for the fees and salaries received by the employees and the insurance contributions paid on them
    - annual compensation of the insurance contributions
    - preparation and submission of tax returns
    - preparation and submission of the necessary bank documents

  • Other Accounting Services

    - single accounting services at client’s request (drawing up of calculations, check ups)
    - consultancy on accounting matters